Linq to SQL using Stored Procedures in nThier Design

After doing a lot of research, I realised that when using Linq to Sql to communicate with the database, it is quite impossible or too complicated to use datatables or datarows. In this example I will demonstrate an easy and quick way to retrieve a whole table from a database using stored procedures assuming we are using a three thier design.

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Facebook Photos

As recently all have realized, facebook has introduced a new facebook profile layout. Photo Viewing is one of them. If like me, you hate the new black screen jquery look photo viewer which facebook introduced, you should know that if you hit F5 (refresh button) the photo appear in the old layout. It is very funny how facebook did not realize such silly things/ bugs, but anyhow you can also right-click and save the old traditional way, the way I used to love it.

LinQ to SQL simple Insert Update and Delete

Since I was given a task to implement new technologies, I came about selecting LinQ. It was quite hard to find a simple place or tutorial where I could find how to do simple queries without complexities. Therefore I decided to post a blog to describe as simple as can be the process of inserting updating and deleting from LinQ to SQL.

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