Microsoft SQL Server Error 3415

I had a database which I detached while still using SQL server 2005. Now that I have upgraded to Server 2008 I was receiving a 3415 error message each time I attempt to attach it to a new Database. I have read a lot of posts that I need to download this and that, or that I need to do this and that, nothing worked. I was not sure if I felt upset or stupid when I realised that all I needed to do is enable my PCs permissions. To do so, you need to:

  • Open the “User Account Control Settings” (type in Start if using Vista or Windows 7)
  •  Scroll down permissions to “Never Notify”
  • Click OK
  • ENJOY 🙂

Error: You cannot save changes that would result in one or more tables being re-created

When trying to save something to a table, such as new fields or isNull tick box, set primary keys or change data types, the above error may pop up. This may happen due to attempts to:

  • Change data type on existing columns such as text to varchar
  • Check allow nulls or uncheck allow nulls on existing columns
  • Change column sizes
  • Change foreign key constraints

The solution is easy, if you already have the SQL Management Studios,

Using Visual Studio 2008:

  • click Tools, select Options
  • from the pop up, select Designers from the left side menu
  • Uncheck the “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation” as shown below
  • Save

Using Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012:

  • click Tools, select Options
  • from the pop up, select “Database Tools” from the left side menu
  • from the sub-categories of Database Tools, select “Table and Database Designers”
  • Uncheck the “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation”
  • Save



If you are using the built in SQL server express in-built in the Visual Studio 2008 or 2010, you are required to download the SQL management studio 2008 and possibly also the SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (try without installing Service Pack 1 first)

Available from:

Sql Management Studio 2008:

Sql Service Pack 1:

Error: The data types text and text are incompatible in the equal to operator


While taking security measures to hash password I chose text as a datatype, what I did not know is that the such type is considered as a blob type and is very limited. Comparing text with text is one of such limitations. To fix this problem I had to change the type of the Password to varchar(150) to make space for the hashing and other security measures.

Only servers up to Microsoft SQL 2005 are supported

only servers up to 2005 are supported
When trying to connect a new Database Connection to the Visual Studio 2008 or higher, a support problem comes up stating that only servers up to 2005 are supported.

This can easily be solved by installing the Visual Studio Service Pack 1 available from ready in iso format.