Firefox Top Left Right Paddings

I can across a very irritating issue with firefox since I needed my images to look in the center.

CSS Before (wrong):.panelImage
position: absolute;
top: -50px;
text-align: center;
padding-left: 30%;
CSS After (Right):.panelImage
position: absolute;
top: -50px;
top: -50px!important; /* for Firefox */
left: 0;    /* since firefox was putting the image in the centre */
text-align: center;
padding-left: 30%;                /* padding in IE and Chrome */
-moz-padding-start: 30%; /*padding in firefox */

Without adding the “left: 0;” the -moz-padding-start was starting from the other edge of the divider. -Moz-padding-start moved an element to the right, if you need to move to the left you can use -moz-padding-left however both do not except negative values.

Before (Wrong):
After (Right):

Ampersands in URLs (& in a URL)

When using an href tag and an “&” is present, an error will occur in the HTML stating that it is an “unknown entity section”.

This can be easily solved by replacing the “&” with an “&” everywhere we have it in the URL.

To verify that your HTML is correct, you can verify it using

P.S Errors in HTML hard your Search Engine Ranking (Your Google Position). Always check your HTML for errors.

Twiggle Web Design | Malta

As a professional freelancer, I have recently launched my new refurbished website. The website’s main purposes is to demonstrate the most important services offered by Twiggle Web Design. The business is based in Malta, however overseas clients have also been accepted and where very satisfied with their product.

I would like to list quickly the main services offered below:

Web Design
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Flier Design
Web Development
Search Engine Optmisation

Each website can come with a personalized back-end, called a Customer Management System (CMS) where the client can log in and manage all the website content from his own personal work station. Prices range from clients requirement and all quotes are made to meet clients needs both in terms of functionality and also in terms of budget ranges.

Visit Twiggle Web Design for more details: Twiggle Web Design | Malta

Twiggle Web Design Malta