This post is demonstrating how one can convert a DateTime to a full date as below:

DateTime Before:     15/01/2000  21:00:00

String Date After:        08:00pm Monday 15th January 2000

1. First add reference to:

using System.Globalization;

2. Then copy/paste and call the below methods to get full date as string.

protected string GetFullDate()

DateTime dateToConvert= DateTime.Now;  // dd/MM/yyyy 00:00:00  (15/01/2000 21:00:00)

string timeAsString = dateToConvert.ToString();
string timeOnly = Convert.ToDateTime(timeAsString).ToString(“hh:mmtt”,
CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToLower(); // 09:00 pm

string DateNoTime = now.ToString(“f”).Remove(now.ToString(“f”).Length – 5); // ddd dd Month Year (Monday 15 January 2000)
string FullDate = DateNoTime.Substring(0, 2) + CheckDayOfMonth(DateNoTime.Substring(0, 2)) + DateNoTime.Substring(2); //ddd ddth Month Year ( Monday 15th January 2000)

return timeOnly + ” ” + thisDate.DayOfWeek + ” ” + FullDate; //09:00pm Monday 15th January 2012


private string CheckDayOfMonth(string dd)

if (dd.Equals(“01”)) return “st”;
else if (dd.Equals(“02”)) return “nd”;
else if (dd.Equals(“03”)) return “rd”;
else return “th”;


3. Change the DateTime.Now to any date you would like to convert or add it as a parameter like this:

protected string GetFullDate(DateTime dateToConvert)

//The Above Method 


4. Modify as most suitable, for example: if you don’t need the time, remove timeOnly from the return statement.


Enjoy 🙂

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