Easy was to Access “Remote Desktop”



A very easy and quick way to gain remote access from one pc to another is join me. Join me offers a free basic service which allows you to share screen and also mouse control. Following are basic steps on how to share your screen with someone else:


Step 1 – Visit the link: http://join.me


Step – 2 Select the basic service are shown in the figure above and click on the orange button to proceed.

step-2-install downloaded-exe

Step – 3 As shown above an (exe) file will start downloading, don’t worry it is not a virus and will not install anything for you. Join me does not require registration and installation is not permanent, you just install it each time which only takes seconds. So, when download is complete (after few seconds), just click to open and select “Run”


Step 4 – A join me bar will pop out on the screen, even if you change window or page, the bar will still be shown. Right-click on the part where there is the number on the bar.


Step 5 – From the list displayed above, Click “Copy Viewer link to clipboard”.

Step 6 – Paste the link to anyone you want to share your screen with by email, skype, msn, facebook, etc. Also, you can just type in the number and send it to the other user.

Step 7 – Other User will have to click on the link, and a new window will be opened with your screen showing everything you have, including internet pages opened, desktop, taskbar, etc.  If you just sent the number, the user needs to visit http://join.me and enter the number in the green section and click the green button.

Step 8 – If you like to give the user control, you need to right-click the mouse icon on the Join me bar, and select “viewer 1”

Step 9 – Your user can now browse your staff and fix any problems you had but could not figure out how to solve it

Step 10 – close bar when ready !!!!


Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

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