Simple MVC and Razor with Database Connection for Simple Insert, Update and Delete.

Model View Controller

If you are new in MVC (Model View Controller) then this tutorial is the ideal for you. I had issues in finding one single tutorial with all my questions so I decided to put one together myself. This tutorial might seem long however, most of the tutorials is full of images to help you visualize better so in order words, it is not as long as it might look like on your scroll bar ūüėČ Goodluck and hope you find no issues… if you do, feel free to leave a comment and I will be glad to help where possible.

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Error: entitytype entity type has no key defined


No Primary Key is defined. Visual Studio generally looks out for an entityproperty int ID or similar and set it as a primary key. However, if our primary key is something like “Username” then we need to specify which one it is.



Include the namespace:

using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;

Before your Primary Key add the following attribute:



background-postion middle not working


background-position: center middle;

I once encountered an issue when aligning my background to the center of the page both vertically and horizontally.


So lets start by explaining how to use background-position. Background-position takes two values, a horizontal value and a vertical value as demonstrated below:

Cause and Solution:

Now, the issue rises when using middle for the vertical alignment which is the second value of the background-position. A simple fix for this would be to use 50% which is excepted for both horizontal and vertical values.

background-position: left 50%;        //background would start from the left side of the page, and vertically centered within the page.

background-position: center 50%;     //background would be aligned in the center of the page  //here we could also use 50% rather than center.

View website in 3D using FireFox

Firefox 3D view

Firefox has a very usefull tool when working with layers. It allows you to view a website layer by layer in order of display. I found it most usefull when setting z-index in style sheets to set which elements go on top and which go under. This is quite an easy tool to use. Here I will show you a quick example on how to make full use of it. First visit to follow each step. Make sure to use Firefox as a browser.

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Internet Explorer Image Link Borders

Does Internet Explorer image link’s border annoy anyone else from me???

Well, here is a short quick way to avoid having any borders to image links.  In your HTML page or in your CSS file add:

HTML page in your Head section: <style>body{  a img: 0; } </style>

CSS file beginning of file: body{  a img: 0; }

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