Tortoise SVN Command List

tortoisesvnWhen i initially installed Tortoise SVN I used to get confused between check out and export, check in and import, commit and update, etc etc… so I wrote everything on paper to better understand. So now I decided to put it here so that I can finally get rid of the papers on my desk :p

Checkout: Get a new working copy of the project. The project will still be on SVN repository.

Export: Get the project out of SVN repository.

Checkin /commit : push your changes into your project on SVN repository.

Update: Updare your local working copy FROM the project in SVN repository.

ADD: Include a file which is in your local working copy. When committed, the added files will be uploaded to the project in SVN.

Delete: unless we use SVN Delete, a file will always pop up again when updating our local copy. So we always delete a file using right-click >> SVN >> Delete and not the usual delete process.

Copy: Copy something using SVN (changes are applied to repository when you commit)

Please Note: All file operations such as Delete, Copy, Rename, etc all have to be done using SVN commands in order to be updated to repository after committing.

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