Nhibernate simple Select, Insert, Update and Delete


Nhibernate is one of the many Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools for the .NET platform.

A very quick description of ORM:

ORM is the process of mapping objects to database relations without the requirement of writing SQL statements (such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, JOIN, etc etc) generally through the use of XML files.

Nhibernate eliminates the requirement of using ADO.NET, Linq, etc and thus is the back bone of the Data Access Layer (in nThier Architectures).

Requirements for this Tutorial:

This tutorial will be split in 12 steps:

Step 1:- Create a 2-Thier Project

Step 2:- Install Nhibernate

Step 3:- Define Business Objects (Domain Folder)

Step 4:- Define the Mapping (Mappings Folder)

Step 5:- Setting XML Schema

Step 6:- Configure Nhibernate

Step 7:- Create ISessionFactory

Step 8:- Create Table from Schema and Test Connection

Step 9:- Create Repositories

Step 10:- Define Method from Repositories

Step 11:- Testing Add, Update, Delete Method

Before we continue, I want to add that “I know this is a very long and mostly text based tutorial” but I have searched the internet sooo much for a decent working tutorial without errors and complications that this post here should cover it ALL … I also did it again while writing it to make sure no errors are found. So, hold on and read through… EVERYTHING should be there 🙂

So, lets begin …

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