Illustrator Teardrops


  1. Select the Eclipse tool and holding the ‘Alt’ key, create a circle or and eclipse.
  2. Press the key ‘a’ from the keyboard and while pressing the key, click on the top or bottom anchor of the ecplipse and drag up/down to create a tear drop.
  3. Draw a circle exactly at the edge of the teardrop to guide you in duplicating teardrops around the circle.
  4. Press the key ‘r’ from the keyboard and drag the center (marked with a circle) to the center of the circle.
  5. While still holding the ‘r’ key, press also ‘Alt’ and ‘Shift’ together which will make a dialoge pop out.
  6. In the Angle field, write ‘360/8’ if you would like 8 teardrops or change 8 to as many as you like.
  7. Now, do not click ‘OK’ but instead click ‘Copy’.
  8. The teardrop should have copied around the circle.
  9. To make the other 6 teardrops, select ‘Control’ + ‘D’ together for 6 times.
  10. Remove the circle.
  11. Now you should have 6 teardrops in a circle.