Trim Video using FFMPEG


I recently needed to trim a video as I wanted to remove the intro part. I found a really easy way to do this and anyone can do this from home using their own computer for free. It might seem techy and geeky but it will work like magic and really simple.

First you will need FFMPEG, you just need to download it, down even need to install. Download here:

Once download complete, extract zip file and cut the folder inside and paste it in your C:/ drive directly to be quicker. Rename folder to ffmpeg. Open the folder and find the folder called bin, it should have a file called ffmpeg.exe in it. Copy and paste the video you need to trim in that same folder to make it quicker.

Now, go to “Start” button and search for “cmd”, click to open. It will open a small black window called Command Prompt. I use it often for work but some people might have never used it. When opening the cmd and type the following to check if all is good:


This should print a whole bunch of lines, that’s good.

Now let’s do the actual trimming from movie.mp4 starting from 10 seconds and stop it at 1 minute to create a new video called new.mp4

Write the following in the cmd:

C:/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i C:/ffmpeg/bin/movie.mp4 -ss 00:00:10 -t 00:01:00 -async 1 new.mp4

Press enter and let the magic happen on its own. Once video is complete you can play the video and place it where you want 🙂




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