Joomla Virtue Mart: Convert weight from pounds to grams

Virtue Mart Converting Units of Measurements

The Virtue Mart Shopping Cart Product’s weight is by default using pounds and length using inches. There is an option to change the setting by accessing the php files as follows:

  • Access Ftp account
  • follow the path:Ā administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages/product/
  • Open Language.php
  • and replace the following:
  • with:

Save file (and replace with original file is working offline)


Hope it works for your needs as it did for mine šŸ˜‰



Joomla VirtueMart Error: You do not have permission to access the requested Module … Solution

I encountered a problem when using VirtueMart since an error stating “Error: You do not have permission to access the requested Module” kept appearing to the user when trying to check out with payments. When searching for the proper solution, IĀ realizedĀ a lot of people had the same unresolved issue, and by that I mean toooo many people.

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