RSS feeds using JAVA

RSS feedsRSS feeds are always becoming used more and more. Using RSS feeds is a good way to keep updated on a particular subject, it is also a very good way to keep a website always updated without the need of manual updates. RSS feeds are very easy to install into a website and with their help, your website will never be out of date!

In order to add RSS feeds to your website, follow these steps below:

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Using “Master Pages” in JAVA

Java "Master Pages"

As all may know, one of the main disadvantage of Java over C# programming using Visual Studio, is the use of Master Pages. Master Pages allow any developer to create the desired layout of the site. Any page created given that master page will inherit that same design and simply add the content to it. Now, in JAVA this is not possible. This brings along the redundant amount of data replicated on each page within a website. It is very time consuming since a change in design requires a change in all pages.

A tool very useful which may be the closest thing to Master Pages, is the use of Includes in JSP pages. The Include tag allows any page to be inserted into a page. Therefore lets say we would like to create this page:

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