A little on how Google works

When a person performs a search, Google uses an algorithm to determine which website and pages to return. The whole algorithm is unknown to all, but the main procedure is quite public. Google starts by crawling through all the websites available. Several Computers are dedicated to crawl through millions of pages. This process is called Google bot or Google spider and it starts by crawling a set of indexed URLs and by following each link on every page, it identifies new and updated pages to index. Any broken links will be negatively noted down on Google index. Once crawling is complete, Google goes through all indexed pages and analyse each page content such as tags, keywords, etc. The more relevant the keywords to the search, the higher value the page will have to the user’s search.


As you all might have heard, google has introduced a new social network. It is very similar to the normal facebook network we all know about, but while facebook keeps changing looks and making it always more complex to use, google+ has a clean and easy layout. Since a lot of people where complaining about the continously changing facebook layout with all the new, extra and useless widgets on every little empty space on the page, google+ may be the ideal solution. Of course, it needs a good start up but if you invite and inform your friends, it is a very good social network where you can post and share all your thoughts, ideas, and creations. Give it a try and leave your feedback here anytime you like 😉

Top features which no other social network provides:

  • LIVE chat in the sense of VIDEO CALLING
  • GROUPS can start a HANGOUT which is a VIDEO CALL between all the members (without using Skype 😀 )
  • Google Chat available using gmail account
  • As soon as you open  your gmail, docs, calendars, etc,  Google+ account will be at the top where notification can be visible anytime without Google+ being open

Some of the other features:

  • Posts on profile are shared on the main stream where you can pick if to share it will all your friends or certain groups
  • Friends are found and easily dragged and dropped in circles to create groups.
  • Unwanted friends can be dragged into an unwanted group circle to ban them from seeing your profile instead of deleting them. They will never know in which circle you have placed them in 😉
  • Photos, comments, video, etc can be tagged but not visible on the main profile page of each tagged person to reduce bulkiness and unwanted posts.
  • Games also available such as: angry birds, crime city, mafia wars 2, zynga poker, etc

Enjoy this new network!