PayPal Direct Payment for C# developers

PayPal integration allows ASP.NET developers to create a Payment Data Transfer (PDT) via PayPal API express checkout to allow direct payments. PayPal Sandbox is a test account which will allow developers to test such API in order to avoid actual payments and transaction fees or interests. Continue reading

AJAX ToolKit Rating with Database Example

AJAX ToolKit has a control which allows us rate an object (article, image, etc) using GUI. It is a simple control for which few properties are set and the rating takes place. Stars are the most common rating images used. The following will explain in detail how to use this Rating Control …  Continue reading

Linq to SQL using Stored Procedures in nThier Design

After doing a lot of research, I realised that when using Linq to Sql to communicate with the database, it is quite impossible or too complicated to use datatables or datarows. In this example I will demonstrate an easy and quick way to retrieve a whole table from a database using stored procedures assuming we are using a three thier design.

Continue reading