Analysing and Selecting Keywords for your SEO

SEO keywords

When optimizing a Website to be more search-engine friendly, keywords are one of the most important factors to take into consideration. The right keywords or combination of keywords might bring along a large number of visitors to your page. On the other hand, the misuse of keywords can push search-engines away. We will start on explaining how to identify the right keywords to compete better against your competition. Once we have finished with keywords, we will properly explain how to best implement them into your website.

Please note that this is a shorter version of a full document explaining each topic in details. To view the full explanation, visit Selecting Keywords from AboutSEO Malta.

Optimizing Keywords for Search-Engines

Head Terms and Tail Terms

Keywords can be considered as either Head terms or Tail terms. Head terms refer to short (one or two words) phrases while Tail terms refer to longer (three or more words) phrases. Head terms tend to be of a more competitive nature therefore tail terms may be easier to rank for.

Determining better Tail Terms which compete for search-engine results:

  • Use Geo-Specific Terms
  • Use Synonyms for the main
  • Common misspells are very important when selecting the right keywords.
  • Include also plurals and singulars of the most important keywords.
  • Analyse your competition by visiting their website and view their source.

Keyword Tool to help you select appropriate Keywords for your website

  • WordTracker
  • Google Keyword Tool

Other tips to keep in mind

  • One or Two keywords should be targeted for each page. Each page must have unique or different keywords.
  • Every page should contain unique and meaningful content.
  • Home Pages should target competitive Head terms since it has a higher chance to rank for high KEI keywords.
  • Home Pages should emphasis the keywords targeted in the page contents.
  • Sub Pages should target less competitive Head terms and Tail terms.
  • New website may find it hard to compete for common Head Terms such as “SEO” but such Head terms can be broken down into more specific Tail terms such as “SEO services in Malta”.
  • Reverse engineering demonstrates that the higher the search of a keyword, the more optimized it can become.

Check competing websites

Competing websites and keywords are important to be analysed. Various websites offer this service, such as or Such websites require the input of a URL and result keywords competitors are using and where they stand. Another simple way to do check what tags and keywords competitors are using is to visit their website and view source. Title, Description and Meta Keyword tags are situated in the <HEAD> section while; headlines, image ALT tags, text modifiers and links are situated in the <BODY> part. is a website which looks up websites and returns their top searches and competitors. Not all websites may be found on SEOdigger.

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