Optimizing Domain and Pages/Files Names for Search-Engines

Selecting a name for your domain or page names may not always be as easy as it looks like. Mainly this is due to Search-engines. If you would like your website/pages to rank top, it is important to analyse properly the given names with appropriate naming conventions. Below is an overview of how we can appropriately select and name our domain and pages.

Please note that the below information has been summarized from the article Optimizing Domain and Page Names provided by About SEO Malta.

Do not’s

  • Do not select domain name of the business name if business is not famous enough.
  • Do not select domain name if business name does not represent their purpose. Example: If you sell watches and business name is Tick-Tock, name it Tick-Tock-Watches, and not only Tick-Tock since search-engines do not associate it with watches.
  • Do not put all words mumbled up together as ticktockwatches.
  • Do not use conventional naming styles such as Page1.html, Page2.html
  • Do not use a lot of sub-folders
  • Do not name folders with complex conventional naming styles.
  • Do not use a lot of query strings, it is better to have different pages.

To do’s

  • Name the domain name in order to represent both the business and give an incentive to search-engines what it is about. Example: Tick-Tock-Watches
  • Use hyphens to separate words in Domain and Page naming so search-engines can identify each word. Example:   www tick tock watches com
  • Name pages to represent their content. Example: Wrist-Watches.html
  • Use few folders to categorize them and preferably use a category listing so that:

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